Find Us On The Map

How to get to Oak Haven Bed & Breakfast:

Just refer to the map below, or type in the following address to your favorite online Map service or GPS device.

2668 Owl Creek Road, Nashville Indiana, 47448

NOTE: Country road addresses like ours confuse most GPS's. Your GPS will likely tell you that you have arrived several hundred yards before you reach our driveway. We have a sign under our mailbox with our B&B name "Oak Haven" printed in large letters. If you have not yet seen this sign, then you need to drive a little farther up the hill.

Also, even with a GPS the back roads of Brown County can be confusing to navigate if you are not very familiar with them. For best results, take the route that passes through Nashville.

If you prefer to use your odometer then print out the map in the following link (Oak Haven Map) and follow the directions. First travel to the stoplight in the center of Nashville Indiana (corner of Main Street and SR 135). Then take Main Street (which changes name to Helmsburg road outside of town) 2.1 miles from Nashville. Then turn left on Owl Creek Road. You then drive 1.8 miles on Owl Creek road and look for our mailbox and sign on your left.